Cleary O’Farrell Photography
Houzz review 5/13/2022

I am an architectural photographer and work with many different interior designers, architects and general contractors. When my husband and I ended up with some serious water damage in our home, I had no doubts about who I wanted to reach out to. Tony and his team are regularly dependable, communicative, and create beautiful, quality builds. They know their stuff and their integrity & quality of work is everything to them. During our project, everything was carefully explained so we understood why and how each step was taking place (we learned so much)! Their company has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it's no surprise. They are truly the best!

brian moss
Google review 5/12/2022

We were very pleased with Northlight Custom Builders and our remodel experience. Top notch job from start to finish beginning with their planning process. They came in, measured, inspected, discussed, and detailed what they could do or not do. I really appreciated this honesty. Home remodels are not cheap. Northlight has many "high end" customers because they do such quality work. I was a little worried that our job might not be as high a priority because we are more blue collar. This was NOT the case at all. Tony C (owner) and his crew treated us like we were TOP priority. Northlight did an exemplary job working with our budget and providing many options for us to choose in regards to design and materials. I very much appreciated the creative ideas that they brought to the table. They had a great "eye" for detail and provided some ideas that I would have never thought of. We were assigned a dedicated "lead" or project manager on our build. Sean was awesome. He was in our house every day for several months straight. Total professional. I don't think that guy took 1 minute extra on his lunch breaks etc. Early to the site every day. Kept us informed during the entire process. Was VERY understanding and accommodating to our family's crazy schedule. If something did not meet their own hight standards, they fixed it. Sometimes this meant redo'ing work that was time consuming. They did this without ME (the customer) demanding it or asking for it. I DONT think you will get this with a lot of other contractors. I very much appreciate their payment structure. You pay in segments as the work continues. Seems like a small detail but I think this keeps both parties satisfied and I just thought this was a very good way of doing business. My family was really very happy with the end result. After a long build (it was a large project), our house was completely transformed into something completely different and WAY more functional. It feels like an entirely new house. Many good family memories will be made here. Super cool the end of the project, we got a thank you card and some flowers as a house warming gift. I would recommend Northlight to anyone that has a project that needs done. Top Notch professionals throughout. Thank you Northlight.

Reply from Business

Thank you so much for the great review Brian. It was a pleasure working with you and your family!

J L.
Houzz review 5/9/2022

I was very HAPPY with my project done. The team was courteous and listened to me on project. I will have them again on my next project.

Eric Goodman
Google review 3/30/2022

Tony and his team at Northlight were great at helping us get through the remodel process from start to finish. Ron and all the other crew were very responsive and worked with us to keep everything on track. They helped us stay in budget as costs were increasing right when we wanted to build. In hindsight, as first time remodelers, we needed a little extra communication, especially when subcontractors were involved. The price was not the lowest, but good value for the quality of work. We are really happy with the result. It looks beautiful and is so much more functional. Everyone who sees it comments on how nice the project turned out! You should check them out if you are doing a remodel in Edmonds.

Michelle C.
Houzz review 11/20/2021

Excellent work done within budget. Loved, loved, love how our upstairs remodel turned out for our open floor plan/kitchen remodel. This included taking out walls, installing a new beam, tearing down our kitchen and making everything new again! Tony and team communicated with us regularly about our budget and what was going to happen on the week ahead. They worked around our family of seven and two dogs. Our remodel came in within budget and within the expected completion date. We couldn't be more happy.

Heidi Ressler
Google review 8/19/2021

I had a home remodel in the works when COVID hit. I had 60% done but my new to WA contractor decided to close shop. I had to rebid my project almost 9 months later and after several bids selected Northlight. Very happy I did, I was working from home as they took part of the house down around me to create a new partial second story. The project ran January and wrapped July. They outlined who they would provide as I had contractors from the first stage I wanted to use again. The house is done to the specs of our contract, slightly over budget due to some unforeseen structural changes required. All in all, a polite, patient crew that shows up on time and puts in a solid day's work each day. When asked they will give an opinion and when they are not sure they will ask yours in advance of the next step. HUGELY APPRECIATED THAT.

Reply from Business

Hi Heidi, Thank you for the feedback. We aim to please and treat every customers project as if it were our own. We are very happy to know that your are pleased with our work and the outcome of your project.

David Evans
Google review 7/10/2021

The Northlight team did an amazing job bringing our outdoor living space to a reality. The whole team was professional and courteous. Craig Halsen who was the lead on the project was an amazing communicator and was able to adjust to surprises in our 60 year old building. The project is beautiful and we look forward to a great summer outside thanks to Northlight.

Reply from Business

Hi David, You're welcome. We take pride in providing quality services and are happy you are pleased with the project's end result.

C Bella
Google review 6/9/2021

Northlight Custom Builders, LLC was referred to me by our window contractor. We discovered water damage that needed to be addressed before proceeding with window replacement. I phoned Northlight Custom Builders and spoke with Tony. I was impressed with the interaction and the time Tony spent listening, allowing me to describe the problem and our timeline. He seemed genuinely concerned and said he would send Sean to look at the problem. Our window contractor communicated with Sean to make sure their schedules were aligned. As we uncovered further damage, Sean worked around his busy schedule to address the additional work required. I was grateful and impressed with Sean for various reasons. Sean assessed the project, and immediately proceeded towards completion without hesitation. Sean is competent, experienced and has a strong work ethic. Not common traits I have experienced amongst many contractors. The love of his job was reflected in the excellent results of the finished product. We Highly Recommend Northlight Custom Builders.

Rob Deutsch
Google review 3/11/2021

We hired Northlight Custom Builders to refresh our kitchen, baths, flooring, and fireplace tile surround. The process took a few months and the final results were amazing. We would recommend them and will bring them back to bid on future projects we still need to do to our home.

Reply from Business

Hi Rob, Thank you for the review. We are pleased that you loved the outcome of your project. We would love to continue work with you in the future. Please let us know how we can give you a 5 star experience in the future?

Google review 12/4/2020

If you're reading the reviews in Google, we should talk. Probably like me, you've asked your friends for the name of a contractor they like, decided most of the reviews on Yelp are probably fake and after a Google search wound up here. You can only read so many five star reviews before wondering if the review you're reading is the contractor's best friend or his mother, so let me assure you before reading on, I am neither. Why should you believe me, what do you have to lose at this point, and why would I bother to write this much if I didn't think I could make your life a little easier and earn some well deserved 2020 Karma. After sending out a dozen requests for quotes, only four came back. After that, only three contractors showed up for the appointment at my house. When the three bids rolled in, only one made any sense. I'm pretty sure you can see where I'm going with this. Northlight Custom Builders was the only company to show up on time to give me an estimate; their bid was chuck full of meaningful details, and they hid nothing. I should know; my stepfather is a contractor, and his proposals were messy and often confusing. Trust me, I heard the complaints from his customers. All the work was all done as promised; I was ALWAYS able to find someone when I had a question, project updates arrived daily via a phone call, everyone on site was a joy to work with and always on time, every single day. Was this a project without issues? Actually, it was. I don't have a single complaint or problem with any of the work done. It was one of the few times I can say things went exactly as I hoped. I obviously can't promise you'll have the same experience, nor would I, but this was my experience. Was Northlight Custom Builders the lowest bid? No, but every time I've gone the lowest bid route in life, I've almost always regretted it. After all this, that let me bottom line it for you. You're going to pay a little more, but you're going to get fantastic work, reliable people and realize the whole project went down with zero hassles. Our project took about six weeks, and for the most part, was on schedule and budget. Now give them a call and stop worrying if you're making the right decision. I've done all the legwork for you!

Reply from Business

Thank you so much Jeff for taking the time to leave an excellent rating. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future. We aim to make our customers happy and provide exceptional service.

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