Why We’re Right For You

Our home is 26 years old and was in need of a real facelift. We needed exterior repair and painting, a complete kitchen remodel and work on two downstairs bathrooms. We interviewed numerous contractors. It was immediately apparent that Tony Collins was extremely knowledgeable about construction and very qualified to do the work on our home. He submitted a detailed bid outlining the work to be done and the time frame for completion. He was always prepared, on time and available for any questions or concerns that we might have. Tony completed the work on time and on budget. We are very pleased with the results and looking forward to working with Tony again on future projects.

- Mary Pat F.

Thank you so much for turning my garage into a music studio. My teenagers have drums and amps, and they now have a great place to hang out and make as much noise as they want. The soundproofing is so good, that you can’t even hear the drums from inside the house. I could not be happier with your work. You Rock!!!

- Sharie L.

Northlight has done extensive remodeling for us on two different homes, and I think they are the reason I think remodeling is fun! The communication is excellent, and they do a great job. We have been thrilled with the results. I recommend Northlight without reservation. 


- Molly K.

Thanks again for taking care of the remaining items in our master bathroom. I wanted to say
again how wonderful it was to work with you on this project. You were terrific in the beginning, middle, and end, which says a great deal about your integrity, organization, and commitment to your customers and their living spaces. The second you have time, we have more projects! 
Expect a little something in the mail from us next week.


- Charlie B.

Thanks again for all the work you and Joe did. We are very pleased with your professionalism and final product of work! We’ve referred you to close to 6 people already!

Cara W.

Our client selected Northlight Custom Builders as the builder for their remodel in Shoreline. The project consisted of a full main floor remodel, including a high-end kitchen.  It was our first time working with Tony at Northlight Custom Builders.  We had a great experience working with him and his crew. They had a high level of craftsmanship, good attention to detail, and took great pride in their work. We would enjoy working with Tony again and will be referring them to our future clients.

- Heidi Helgeson, AIA

Having worked with Tony Collins at his previous employer, I know that his attention to detail and customer service skills are spectacular. He is an excellent contractor and you will not be disappointed if you hired him. He is trustworthy, honest and will not push his agenda on you to increase cost or profit. Our project was a logistical problem with babysitters and our young kids here but Tony did a great job.  We often found him including and educating our kids during the project to satisfy their curiosity. I routinely recommend Northlight Custom Builders to anyone looking to remodel or add to their home. 


- Josh M.

I have used  Northlight Custom Builders for several projects so far in my home remodel, I wouldn't choose anyone else. Tony is great to work with and very trustworthy. This is the first time I have done any remodeling on a residence and Tony is great at explaining processes to me and helping me with my choices. His work is outstanding and he is a stickler for leaving my house clean at the end of each day. Tony is timely and shows up when he says he will. Integrity, is a value that I believe Tony represents. I have more projects to do and am looking forward to more of his awesome work!

- Karen M.

I can’t tell you how excited I am!!  We are so happy with everything.  Thanks so much for all the love you put into your work.  It shows in the quality.  We have really enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism both with your work and communication. From day one, you have been very transparent and guided us clearly in making our dream a reality. It’s no surprise your business is flourishing. I’m happy to write up a reference for your website or speak with potential clients anytime.

- Debbie P.

Probably like me, you've asked your friends for the name of a contractor they like, decided most of the reviews on Yelp are probably fake. You can only read so many five star reviews before wondering if the review you're reading is the contractor's best friend or his mother, so let me assure you before reading on, I am neither. Why should you believe me, what do you have to lose at this point, and why would I bother to write this much if I didn't think I could make your life a little easier and earn some well deserved 2020 Karma.  

After sending out a dozen requests for quotes, only four came back. After that, only three contractors showed up for the appointment at my house. When the three bids rolled in, only one made any sense. I'm pretty sure you can see where I'm going with this.

Northlight Custom Builders was the only company to show up on time to give me an estimate; their bid was chock full of meaningful details and they hid nothing. I should know; my stepfather is a contractor, and his proposals were messy and often confusing. Trust me, I heard the complaints from his customers.

All the work was all done as promised; I was ALWAYS able to find someone when I had a question, project updates arrived daily via a phone call, everyone on site was a joy to work with and always on time, every single day.

Was this a project without issues? Actually, it was. I don't have a single complaint or problem with any of the work done. It was one of the few times I can say things went exactly as I hoped. I obviously can't promise you'll have the same experience, nor would I, but this was my experience.

Was Northlight Custom Builders the lowest bid? No, but every time I've gone the lowest bid route in life, I've almost always regretted it.

After all this, that let me bottom line it for you. You're going to pay a little more, but you're going to get fantastic work, reliable people and realize the whole project went down with zero hassles. Our project took about six weeks, cost roughly $42,000, and for the most part, was on schedule and budget.

Now give them a call and stop worrying if you're making the right decision. I've done all the legwork for you!

- Jeff B.